The Wellness Center is in The Gazette

Pat at Yoga in CR Wellness CenterKim at yoga

           In a recent article by The Gazette, Jon Hufford was interviewed on his experience with chronic pain. For 20 years Hufford used pain relievers and medication before reaching a place where he felt it no longer helpful.

The article goes on to say that through research and after attending a Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., he found the Wellness Center. With the Wellness Center’s help, he was able to find the gaps in health care he was missing.

Through our pain management clinics, physical therapy, massage, nutrition coaching, and mental health counseling, we are able to support those who might be under insured, uninsured or those who can’t afford to take time off of work.

It’s a lovely article that speaks at the core mission of the Wellness Center.

Read more about this article here as they will tell the story better than I can: ‘Holistic health network’ looking for location in Cedar Rapids’ MedQuarter.