Jonathan Chambers

Jonathan comes to us with over eight years of Human Resources experience with the U.S. Army where he served two years in Iraq. Jonathan was the subject matter expert for his commanders in the areas of equal opportunity, awards, benefits management, payroll, and evaluation requirements.

After his service in the military Jonathan gained immense marketing, branding, and networking experience as a Realtor. After seeing concerning social issues in his community Jonathan took a career turn to lead non-profits, both as a board member and in management. His experience ranges from homelessness, to anti-human trafficking.

Jonathan is committed to the social contract and finding innovative ways to make things more efficient while providing high outputs. Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s in Public Administration with a minor in Sociology. He is skilled in strategic planning, infrastructure development and social media. Jonathan brings to The Wellness Center a mindset for success and will be instrumental in strategic planning, infrastructure, and program development.

Vice President

Jess High

Jess High has been in the fashion and beauty industry for 20 years, and owned her salon, Urban Vintage Salon and Spa, for the last 18. Personal power and self-worth of her clients is the focus she has when she artfully designs their looks, making sure they realize their own beauty inside and out as they reach for their highest goals.
Also a painter, Jess sells her expressionistic art locally accepts commissioned requests and has begun teaching “Art is Healing” classes to continue her work of building up those around her. She is a firm believer that self-expression through visual art is a way to promote the body and brain’s ability to start a recover process within itself.

When Jess isn’t styling, painting, running her salon or speaking about her journey through several chronic illnesses, she is a mother to four beautiful daughters and this is her greatest and worthiest of missions: To raise her girls to be strong and determined and to find their personal power now and for the rest of their lives.


Melissa Antcliff

Melissa is The Wellness Center’s secretary on the Board of Directors. She is responsible for spreading awareness of The Wellness Center’s goals throughout the community and is the official record keeper for Board meeting minutes and agendas. She has served on several committees responsible for fundraising and event planning. She brings to TWC extensive working knowledge of government contracts and organizations. Previously, she spent 10 years volunteering with Family Readiness Group – a Department of Defense organization – and held several positions at the 311th and 489th En. Bn. FRG including Communications Chair and FRG Leader. She is passionate about helping those in need, connecting people with the resources to improve their quality of life and is a dedicated health care professional. She is the owner of Be. Massage Therapy, a clinical massage practice in Cedar Rapids, IA.


Jason Rogers 

Jason Rogers is an Investment Property Strategist, Commercial Real Estate Broker, and Capital Fundraiser who works directly with commercial real estate buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants; as well as collaborating with investors to grow their wealth. With 15 years in commercial investment real estate, and degrees from the University of Northern Iowa in Real Estate and Finance, Rogers has the understanding and expertise many investors look for. He has represented local investment property owners, multi-million-dollar institutions, and fundraised for partnerships. In 2016, Rogers assisted Heartland Investment Partners LLC to form a multi-million-dollar syndicate. These accomplishments combined with his entrepreneurial spirit facilitate him to grow others’ wealth through their commercial real estate transactions and other investments.


Alina Werner

“My health coaching journey started with teaching healthy habits to kids. I developed an enrichment program for elementary school kids that touched on the basics of nutrition, exercise, healthy foods and how to read ingredients. I taught this class for grades K-5.

My inspiration came from the students in my class; they embraced my teaching with curiosity and a desire to try new healthy things. There was no judgement, just open minds ready to learn and experiment. Soon I realized that in order to impact the health of the children I need to work with and educate their parents and other adults surrounding them. They are the ones buying and preparing the food and I am convinced that if I help the adults make improvements in their health, they will see better health for their children.”
“Being an avid learner all my life I dove into researching what training programs would best fit my needs for becoming a health coach. I soon enrolled in the Health Coach Institute program and eight month later I earned my certification. I left my corporate job and followed my dream: I started my own health coaching business encouraged by the early successes seen in the clients I coached. My end goal: making our community healthier one person at a time!“

“Once your health improves, what else might that open up? Perhaps better relationships, improved finances, a more fulfilling career? Perhaps a deeper connection with something greater? Taking your spiritually to the next level? In the end…a HAPPIER YOU”


Rina Jensen

Rina Christina Jensen is a Business Resiliency Coach with an emphasis on Positive Psychology, Gratitude and Mindfulness. She has been helping clients navigate their mindset since before launching her coaching practice in 2017. As the owner of Domicile, a home décor/art gallery boutique, she worked with local artists on building their confidence and developed a relationship with a local high school’s AP Art students to provide a space and begin stepping outside of their comfort zones.

Rina is a life-long learner and enjoys sharing her knowledge through workshops, one-on-one and group coaching and is also starting to expand into motivational public speaking. She earned her Business Degree from Coe College, with an emphasis on Psychology, and has certifications in Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Confidence and is pursuing Conversational Intelligence™ and Positive Psychology certifications as well.

As a native of Cedar Rapids, Rina has a love of international travel, spending time with her friends and family and was rescued by two pitbulls, Winston and Zoe, who entertain her and her social media followers daily.


Aleasha LeClere

Aleasha is dedicated to the health and well being of all of her massage clients. Her practice is based on the belief that her clients’ needs are of the utmost importance and pain is not something anyone needs or should have to live with. That philosophy is what drew her to be on the Board of Directors for The Wellness Center as they also strive to raise the bar for the health of those in our community!

In 2005, Aleasha graduated at the top of her class at Carlson College of Massage Therapy. Since then she started training with James Waslaski in 2006 to become certified and, a Teaching Assistant (TA) for Orthopedic Massage! Now, she is not only a preferred practitioner, Orthopedic certified, a Teaching Assistant, but Aleasha is a Duly Certified Orthopedic Massage Therapist!!! Aleasha has been asked to TA at several seminars throughout the Midwest from Carlson College of Massage, to Chicago and Minneapolis just to name a few! In January of 2012 and 2014, Aleasha was asked to TA at the prestigious Seminar at Sea for James Waslaski! She hopes to expand her assistance even further in the years to come, and to also work with more professional athletes, or sports teams to keep the athletes at their optimal performance levels! 

Aleasha’s continued drive to better serve her clients has lead her to study further into Orthopedic work to become duly certificated in Orthopedic Massage. In 2014 Aleasha received her second Orthopedic Massage Certification with the Orthopedic Massage Education & Research Institute (OMERI) directed by Whitney Lowe.

With having gone through back surgery at 13 years old, to dealing with degenerative arthritis and scoliosis for several years, Aleasha has experienced many personal benefits to her health and well-being from Orthopedic Massage!


Nick D’Amico

Nicholas has served on the board of The Wellness Center since February of 2017. He has over 15 years of non-profit and human service experience, working in a variety of settings with youth and families. Nicholas is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. In addition to providing therapy he is also part owner and serves as COO at Covenant Family Solutions. He has extensive volunteer and community service experience, serving on a variety of boards and advisory groups over the past 15 years.


Donna Bass

Meet Donna Bass! Donna is one of our newest board members and a wealth of knowledge in the herbal realm. Her approach is science-based and healing focused. We are happy to have her on our team helping those in need move forward in good health!

“My Nana introduced me to the healing power of herbs when I was a little girl and we would go blueberry picking in the Maine woods where I grew up. She taught me to respect nature and how to use her healing ways.

As an adult in 1992 I started formally studying herbs at The Mustard Seed in Portsmouth NH with Salandrea. In 1998, I served a one year formal apprenticeship with her.

In my practice I felt I did not have a strong enough background in science and physiology so I enrolled in the University of New England as a pre-med student. I graduated with a degree in Behavioral Neuroscience in 2011.
I then went to graduate school at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Sofia University) to study energy and healing.
My goal was to study the brain and body as hardware and software.

I then studied aromatherapy and herbalism in Hawaii in 2012 while distilling hydrosols and essential oils.

I completed my Master Herbalist Certification at Green Wisdom School of Natural and Botanical Medicine in 2018.

My approach is evidence based wise-woman tradition.”