The Wellness Center Needs A Home

The Wellness Center is a 501(c)3 as of May 31, 2017. Our EIN is 82-1885453.

We already have a team of dedicated wellness professionals to meet your needs and collaborate their efforts for the greater good, but in order to do that they need to be in one location.

Our goal is to keep costs low by renovating an existing building but that still takes a lot of resources. The fundraising goal to establish a location and start helping people receive much needed services will be around 3 million dollars.

Stand up and help lead healthcare change in our community. Our community cannot rely on the government, insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies to make positive change, it’s up to us to help each other.

Learn more about The Wellness Center’s mission and services by viewing our PDF brochure.

Ways You Can Help

Shop through the Amazon Smile program and support The Wellness Center!

Make a donation right to The Wellness Center any time of the year by writing a check directly to the non-profit or by donating through the Go Fund Me page.

Does your employer Match Gifts? A number of companies operate a gift matching program so the money you donate is doubled by them. Here’s how the gift matching program works. 1. Make a donation and make sure to keep your receipt. You’ll give a copy of this receipt to your employer. 2. Check your employers procedure for gift matching.

If your company needs us to fill out a form or verify your donation contact:

Create your own Fundraiser.

  • Throw a Party
  • Run a Race
  • Host a BBQ
  • Create a Challenge
  • Raise Money Online
  • Hold a Live or Silent Auction
  • Invent Your Own

To send in either a gift matching form or check, mail to: The Wellness Center, 5249 N Park Pl NE, #364, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402